Ohio Talent Development Network Services for Employers

Few decisions have more impact on an organization than employee hiring and development. The Ohio Talent Development Network package of job analysis, employee assessment, consultative performance solutions, and training tools can help you identify, grow and develop the best people for your organization!


Activities and services that assist in the identification of talent

Employee Background Screening

Criminal, Verifications, Social Security Trace, Employment Credit Reports, Motor Vehicle Records Search, Investigative Searches, Workers Compensation, Drug Screening, I-9 processing and validation.

Pre-Hire Selection

Identifying the best candidate using industry focused assessments that assess personality/behavioral, knowledge, skills and abilities. Methods used in administration include multiple choice questions, simulations, Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT).

Assessment of Personality/

A wide variety of instruments that reveal a candidate's personality, past behavior and performance to give the employer insight into the potential for future success on the job.

Assessments of Knowledge/Skills

Evaluation tool that can identify cadidates' strengths and weakensses in relation to a specific knowledge area or skill.  Can be especially important where there's little or no training time available.  Basic, Sales, Customer Service, Information Technology, Manufacturing, etc.

Assessments of Abilities

Measurement of specific abilities including numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, analytical and cognitive ability.  Can be a valuable resouce in determining the candidate's trainability and problem solving skills.

Job Profiling

A process providing job evaluation based on tasks, work context, behaviors and competencies. It enhances the pre-hire selection process by providing a comprehensive job description, behavioral interview questions, recommendations for assessments to administer, and assist and identifies the key competencies for the job.

IT Certifications

Reliable benchmark in pre-hire selection.



Activities that facilitate career advancement of employees & impact the Company’s functionality and profitability

Organizational Development

Performance management, competency development, team building and development, succession planning.

Professional Development

Employee appraisal systems and 360 feedbacks. Competency-based tools that identify strengths and development needs.

Information Technology Certifications

Certifications provide a reliable benchmark for promotions and succession planning.  Enhances creditability, enables organization to partner with more solution providers.



Activities that result in the acquisition of new skills for application in the workplace

Training Needs Analysis

Assesssments can be used to help select the right employees, determine the appropriate level, tailor the content and to gauge the success of the training program.

Enhance a training solution package

Assessments can be used in conjunction with DDIs Targeted Selection (Behavioral Based Interviewing,) team building, leadership, coaching, etc.

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