Ohio Talent Development Network Gets Results for Companies and Individuals

Ohio Talent Development Network provides organizations with the solid information needed to make better hiring, placement and promotion decisions. With Ohio Talent Development Network human capital development services, employers get results: lower absences, lower turnover and recruitment costs. They achieve greater productivity and customer satisfaction.

  • Does this job description accurately describe the work to be done and the skills required for job success?
  • Which applicants best match the job requirements?
  • What training needs should we address?

Individuals using Ohio Talent Development Network services make better job and career decisions. They get solid information for working smarter and more profitably. They can take charge of their own job and career directions:

  • What job opportunities best match my interests and aptitudes?
  • Do I have the skills needed for the job I have or want?
  • What training investments can I make to move up in my career?
  • How can I document the work skills I have to gain a competitive advantage and show my talents?

Ohio Talent Development Network is a state-wide workforce development system facilitated through Ohio’s public Two-Year Colleges and Ohio Technical Centers. OTDN members are located at 56 schools across the state, and offer products and services through a variety of “Best in Class” nationally and internationally recognized human capital development firms. By combining these products and services along with our customized consulting services, this enables  members to deliver a complete solution of superior talent development services to employers and individuals at an affordable price.